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Mini-backlog: Top Gear fandom
James and Fusker
cjspooks wrote in hatgirlwithpen
Another backlog post since I remembered I've written three more Top Gear stories since the last one. All the links listed below all link back to the originals at topgearslash. The community is locked to members only, but it's easy to join and a really nice place if you wanna read about the TG3.

2/17/11: Snip Snip Cut Cut PG, James/Jeremy, 847 words (!giftfic) From a prompt of James giving Jeremy a haircut.

2/24/11: Homemade Hammock Holiday PG, James/Jeremy, 622 words. Inspired by two pics (!picfic). Jeremy and James have a lovely holiday. Indoors. In a hammock.

3/1/11: There PG, James!centric, James/reader's choice, 300 words. James’ feelings, after.

I have so many ideas for this fandom (all of which are in various stages of completion), but it's hard to find the time and focus to actually FINISH them. *sigh* I miss being in a writing groove!


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