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lawandorder100: Billy Joel Song Challenge
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cjspooks wrote in hatgirlwithpen
Title: Trust Exercise
Fandom: Law & Order: LA *sadface at the cancellation*
Characters: TJ (Tomas Jaruszalski) & Ricardo Morales
Rating: G
Words: 115

This was an interesting development. TJ leaned forward. “Karaoke?”
Morales nodded. “Yes.”
“What’s in your repertoire?”
“La Bamba.”
“You’re kidding.”
“I am.”
“I’ve already told you an embarrassing story. Give me something here.”
“Is this a trust exercise between partners?”
“You can say that.”
Morales sighed. “Say Goodbye to Hollywood.”
“Billy Joel. I sometimes sing that.”
“Movin' on is a chance you take/Any time you try to stay – together/Whoa/Say a word out of line/And you find that the friends you had/Are gone forever/ Forever.”
TJ looked uncomfortable with the mention of friends being gone forever. Morale reached over, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Sometimes moving on is the right thing to do.”

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Don't watch this one, but enjoyed the drabble just the same.

Oh, that's beautiful. Love their interaction.

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