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Fic: Missed Chance
Mike Connie bw
cjspooks wrote in hatgirlwithpen
I wrote this two weeks ago for the remainder challenge at lawandorder100 but forgot to post it for some reason. ARGH. Oh well, I'll link it to cutter_rubirosa instead. :P

Title: Missed Chance
Fandom: Law & Order: Mothership (with mention of Law & Order: LA)
Characters: Mike Cutter, Connie Rubirosa
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: Mike didn't get to tell her.

Jack knocked on the door. Mike was staring open-mouthed at a piece of paper.

“Everything alright? You look a bit shell-shocked.”


“Oh.” Jack walked forward, placing a hand on Mike’s shoulder. “We all have to do our duty. It’s a good thing she’s doing for her family.”

“I know. I didn’t think she’d leave so abruptly without giving me a call. All I’ve got is this damn letter.”

“I’m sure you’ll see her again. Los Angeles is only a plane ride away.”

“I didn’t get to tell her.”


“I was going to tell her that I love her.”

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Awwwww </3 I can imagine Mike's face saying that!!! And I love how Jack gives him hope about seeing her again!

Thanks for reading and commenting! Jack is very supportive of Mike, especially since he did know Mike had feelings for Connie.

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