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lawandorder100: Furniture Challenge
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cjspooks wrote in hatgirlwithpen
Title: Empty Chair
Fandom: Law & Order: Mothership (with mention of Law & Order: LA)
Characters: Mike Cutter, Connie Rubirosa
Rating: G
Words: 100
Summary: He's missing her.

Mike couldn’t stop staring at the chair and desk right outside his door. They were empty now; soon be filled by some young, talented, bright-eyed ADA that Jack specifically requested. He didn’t want whoever was being sent upstairs. He wanted…her.

Now she occupied another chair and desk on another coast. Sure to be butting heads and working late nights with her new boss.

Pulling the Blackberry out of his pocket, he sighed. He needed something substantial to say in his first call since her abrupt exit.

After three rings she answered. “Mike?”

“Your chair is empty. I don’t like it.”

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I dont like it either, but I love this fic : )

Thanks for reading! I miss Mike/Connie interactions. They need to be reunited. *sigh*

Poor Mike...well done m'dear

Poor Mike indeed. Thanks for reading!

I love the last line. perfect done...sniff.

Thanks so much, dear! <3 :)

Oh, I like this very much, and I do miss mothership.

Thanks a bunch for reading! *nods* I miss Mothership too.

Aw, I love it. *hugs you...and Mike and Connie*

Haha, glad you do! *accepts hugs and passes them along to Mike and Connie* :)

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