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lawandorder100: Remainder Period, Law & Order: LA fic!
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cjspooks wrote in hatgirlwithpen
Title: Damage Assessment
Fandom: Law & Order: LA!
Characters: Detective Tomas 'TJ' Jaruszalski
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Summary: TJ makes a damage assessment after...
Notes: I've fallen in love with Law & Order: LA after the revamp. I don't think they mentioned TJ's now lack of epic mustache. I fill it in.

T.J. stood before the mirror. Any other day, it would have been a vain exercise. Not today. It was a damage assessment.

Ever since Rex...there wasn’t much sleep. Bags under sad eyes. Pale. Voice hoarse after talking about Rex, the case, his feelings.

He didn’t like what he saw, didn’t like what he felt.

He was left wavering between numb and shaky. He was left alone. When he glanced to the side, Rex wouldn’t be there making mustache jokes.

Sighing, he dabbed shaving cream on said mustache.

“The end of an era,” he muttered as he picked up the razor.

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OMG! A LOLA fic! Its the first one I've ever seen. Nice job. Lots of depth here in only 100 words.

I like TJ - he's growing on me. I wish they'd concentrate a bit more on him, although it does look like we'll get a bit more of him next week, based on the promos.

I'm not a writer, but I already have a fic bunny with him in it running around in my head with him crushing on Connie. In my head Mike Cutter shows up and makes him miserable. Mike Cutter shows up in my head alot, though. :)

I was wondering if there are any more L&O:LA fics floating around...though it'd be cool if I were the truly the first, haha.

I feel the same way about TJ. Next week's promo had me excited. I really want to learn a bit more about him.

That sounds like a great idea! I think you should try to write it and post it to cutter_rubirosa! :)

I love having Mike Cutter pop into my head to inspire fics. It used to happen all the time; now I miss it.

Good job in capturing the angst of the situation. It has a nice easy-to-read flow.

Anyway, I'm glad someone is trying for an explanation, as I'm waiting for one for Rubirosa's sudden appearance. Heh. It really is the end of an era, isn't it?

(As a side rant, I really wish they picked a different surname than "Jaruszalski." I'm sorry, as I like the character, but I couldn't spell that if my life depended on it. I just wanted to say that.)

Re: X-posted review

Thanks so much for reading! Since the Law & Order sometimes doesn't explain things, I thought it was best to write fic for it.

There is apparently a backstory for why Connie is now in LA, which Alana De La Garza talks about in this video:

I wonder if they'll actually mention it on the show at some point.

In reply to your side-rant: I had to look up how to spell the name myself. I actually forgot what TJ stood for because I would constantly refer to him as "mustache" in conversations with friends!

Yeah, I'm about to do one about Jack's D.A. promotion, and how the series failed to address his motivation to taking the job. (Abbie will be there, too. Heh.)

Thanks for the video. I'm glad there is an explanation, but not every fan has access to the online fandom or just go by the show. So, that's just writer laziness on their part.

Yeah, I always wondered what they were thinking with that name. Which is a shame, as TJ is an awesome character. (I had similar problems with Serena's surname, but it was more easier to spell or close enough.)

Thanks so much for reading, dear! :)

(I thought I posted a reply to this ages ago, sorry about that) Thanks for reading my drabbles, dear! I always appreciate it. :)

I'm sorry...I thought I left a comment when I read this. Guess I wrote it in my head. :/

Very poignant. Awesome job with TJ's emotions.

And my icon is my reaction to finally reading some LOLA fic!

I realize that happens to me, as well. I read fics and forget to comment or thought I did (or sometimes I do comment and forget I have).

Thanks for reading <3

I hope to write more L&O:LA fic in the future since I really like the show now since the revamp, TJ being my favorite with everyone else a close second. :P

Has anyone else written some Law & Order: LA fic?

Not that I'm aware of...I've checked for LJ comms, I've Googled for fic, and I've checked ff.n and AO3. Nada. (Well, ff.n and AO3 do not have LOLA categories, but I guess there could be some fic under another L&O category.)

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